The 36th TOPIK Test

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The 36th TOPIK will be held in OSLO on 11th October (Saturday) in 2014.

1. TEST DATE : 11th. 10. 2014 (SAT)

- TOPIK I : 09:30~11:10
- TOPIK II : 12:30~16:00

※ Paticipants can choose one or both.

2. Place : Den Koreansk språkskole Norge 2 floor (Schwensens gate 15, Oslo )

※ If the place change, we will inform of you individually.

3. Level
- [TOPIK I (Lv. 1,2) and TOPIK II (Lv. 3-6)]

4. Purpose of Exam

- To propagate and set direction for learning Korea for non-native Korean speakers and overseas Koreans.

- To measure and evaluate their Korean language skills and utilize the results for in-Korea colleges and job-seeking

Applicant Qualification

Overseas Koreans and foreigners for whom Korean is a second language and who:

- Aim to learn the language and enter in-Korea universities

- Seek jobs in companies and public institutions in Korea and overseas

- Reside overseas or are attending/graduated from a foreign school

5. Registration period : 30. 7. 2014(wed) ~ 11. 8. 2014(mon)

6. Documentation and Fee

- 1 application from ( 2 passport sized photo)

- NOK150

7. Registration
ㅇ Visit the Korean Embassy in Norway or Send your application by mail.
- Address: Inkognitogaten 3, 0244 Oslo, Norway

※ When you apply by mail, you must call the Korean Embassy in Norway.

8. Evaluation : 14. 11. 2014(Fri)

9. Referance
① Download example test 에서 정보마당 -> 기출문제
② 한국어능력시험 학습지원 시스템 (Registering free membership)
ㅇexample test or practice test

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